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    Cenoire, a leading manufacturer of stylish….

    Press Release[11-06-2014]
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    PRLOG- All New ELUO 2014 Cenoire’s Eluo electronic toothbrushes make it easy…

    Press Release[10-14-2014]
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    Cenoire Releases the Touch Vibrating Make Up Sponge

    Press Release[12-07-2013]
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    Cenoire Launches Eluo Ultra Bundle in Support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Press Release[9-30-2013]
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    Cenoire’s Eluo Ultra electronic toothbrush makes it easy…

    Press Release[3-19-2013]
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    Cenoire Reveals 24K Gold-Plated Facial Massager

    Press Release[12-04-2012]
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    Cenoire Adds Freshness With New Novo Atomizer Facial Mist Spray

    Press Release[8-07-2012]
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    Cenoire Unveils Innovative Line of Fashionable Electronic Toothbrushes

    Press Release[12-13-2011]