24K Beauté Bar Plus

24K Beauté Bar Plus


Product Description

Golden Glow on the Go

The all new Cenoire 24K Beauté Bar Plus features a new improved massage head to match the curved contour features of your face. Germanium, a rare Earth metal, is embedded at the tip of the Beauté Bar Plus’ T-Bar creating micro currents to help relax and beautify your skin by increasing blood circulation to help enhance the overall health of the skin. The Beauté Bar Plus vibrates at up to 6,000 times a minute providing a gentle massage to the skin. Using the latest nanometer 24K Gold and Germanium technology, the gentle yet effective vibration can produce a very calm and relaxing feeling to reduce muscle tightness and related stress for improved skin rejuvenation.


One of a kind

The Beauté Bar Plus is compact and sleek allowing you to carry it in your purse, pocket or bag, anytime and anywhere. No external power source needed as the Cenoire 24K Beauté Bar Plus requires just one single replaceable AA battery to function – a universal battery type that can be found and purchased all over the world. Activating and deactivating the Beauté Bar Plus is done by a simple twist on/twist off system. With a waterproof design, the 24K Beauté Bar Plus can be used in the shower. Ergonomically designed 24K Gold-Plated T-Bar creates an anti-microbial surface for safe contact with your skin. This ultrasonic massager can be used by itself, or with a moisturizer of your choice. A one of a kind portable massager, the Cenoire 24K Beauté Bar Plus is also your very own on the go facial spa device!

How to use the Beauté Bar Plus

If using a moisturizer, simply apply moisturizer on your face and/or neck area and massage with the 24K Beauté Bar until fully absorbed. Or apply your favorite lotion anywhere on the body and enjoy the same rejuvenating effect.

Important Note: Personal hygiene products cannot be returned due to Public Health Policies.
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