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Product Description


Daily Dose of Beauty

Breathtaking beauty just got easier with the Cenoire Touch. This innovative makeup applicator gives you a flawless finish without the professional price tag. Daily moisturizer devotees and seasonal sunscreen users alike can relate to the frustration of trying to evenly spread serums and creams. The Cenoire Touch takes away the annoyance of uneven application by providing the perfect finish every time. Becoming the most beautiful you is now possible with the compact Cenoire Touchthat allows for gentle, uniform coverage of your every feature.

Flawless Finesse

Gentle micro vibrationshave revolutionized makeup application by evenly dispersing your product of choice anywhere you choose. Up to 10,000 vibrations per minute means a light touch is all you need for product to perfectly illuminate your face. Eliminate the chance of heavy application creating a dull look and take the guesswork out of getting dolled up; the Cenoire Touch leaves you with nothing but a photo-ready finish every time. When using powders and foundations your skin will have the airbrushed finish you only thought a professional could achieve.

How to Use the Cenoire Touch

Five replaceable and washable sponges, three latex and two cotton, make the Cenoire Touch easy to use for any product. Foundation, powders, moisturizers, primers, serums, facial masks, sunscreen and more all work perfectly with the compact applicator. Apply your product of choice to the makeup sponge, turn on the battery-operated applicator, and wait for your mirror to reveal a meticulously made up reflection. The included travel pouch makes it easy to tote the tool for easy touchups.


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